Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of West Ashley

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I had a horrible experience and I will not be gong back. Jennifer was my stylist. It all started with her body language when I was called up. She didn't smile, her body slumped slightly, just a kind of "I don't want to be here" attitude. She asked what kind of haircut I wanted. I said I would like it tapered on the sides, long on top. I had a picture to show what I was going for. Again she had very negative body language, she seemed upset at me for even being there. She grabs the clippers and starts doing my back and sides. I've never had someone cut my hair that aggresivly before in my life. Just pressing into my head with each stroke. She would grab my head and lean it or push it without talking or asking. I felt as though I was being punished the way she was going at my head. She turn me around and I see the other guests smiling and talking to their stylist. Mine just seemed mad to be there. She finally stopped and proceeded to finish the top off with scissors. It was in that moment I could feel just how hot my neck and ears felt from her aggressively cutting my hair. I didn't realize just how red it was until I saw it in the mirror. I don't know what was wrong with Jennifer today. I still tipped her, never know, maybe she just had a rough day. But theres no excuse to treat me this poorly. I've never had an emotional experience getting my haircut, but I can tell you I felt extremely low after this one.

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